The province of Granada offers unique and incomparable scenery. This diversity attracts the interest of visitors, who enjoy an unforgettable experience after this fusion of history, cuisine and culture endless. We offer the chance to visit the Alpujarra, Tropical crust and Guadix hand of one of our official guides.


- VISIT THE ALPUJARRA: This tour will take us to the southern slopes of Sierra Nevada. To explore this land of traditions, crossing the famous town of Lanjarón. In addition, walk through the streets of Bubión and Capileira, which have retained a timeless character over time. They enjoy the typical shopping area, among which are outstanding delicious sausages and hams dried in the pure mountain air.


- VISIT COSTA TROPICAL: Granada's Costa HAVE a subtropical climate with over 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 20 degrees. This climate has made it possible in most populations have originated large holdings of tropical fruits like cherimoya, avocado or mango. Motril with its factories producing cane rum, Salobreña and its enigmatic Nazari strength and Almuñécar Phoenician, tourist destination, will be the protagonists of our tour.


- VISIT GUADIX: Located on the north side of Sierra Nevada, the ancient city of Guadix is presented as one of the most desirable gems of our province, may visit the Cathedral of Guadix, began in the sixteenth century, built on the old Muslim mosque, the Museum of Caves and stroll through the old town.


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